Today, food culture in the USA is a melting pot of global influences with a uniquely American twist. At Savor the States we hope to add more flavor to that melting pot.

We will shine a light on the family farms and farm workers who tend the land and provide food for plates across the U.S and U.K.

We will share recipe inspiration from celebrated chefs who recreate classic American fare and introduce us to creative new recipes.

We will celebrate hop growers and hip craft brewers, wine growers and cocktail makers and shakers.

Finally, in an era when we strive to know more about where our food comes from, we share news on the policies and practices that shape our food production.

We encourage everyone to learn the facts around foods and farming and we hope you enjoy our stories.

Farming for a Sustainable Future

American farm families want to leave the land better than when it was first entrusted to our care. We want to protect the planet, feed and clothe people, and promote vibrant communities. U.S. farmers are committed to producing the world’s food, feed, fuel, and fiber supply in a sustainable way. They promote soil health, conserve water, enhance wildlife habitat, use nutrients efficiently, and responsibly care for livestock and poultry. For decades, family farmers have pursued innovation by investing in practices and technology aimed at improving productivity, providing clean and renewable energy, and enhancing sustainability.

Credit: Farmers for a Sustainable Future

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