Around the world, agriculture in its many forms, provides generations of families food, and a life’s work. These families create products which are the largest exports from the United States. Learn more about the produce and the teams behind them here.

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) is a public-private partnership between the State of Alaska and the Alaska seafood industry, established to foster economic development of a renewable natural resource by increasing positive awareness of the Alaska Seafood brand. ASMI is championing the sustainability of Alaska’s seafood harvests and guarantees quality assurance while supporting Alaska fisheries with technical industry analysis, education, advocacy and research.

Almond Board of California

California Almonds make life better by what we grow and how we grow. The Almond Board of California promotes natural, wholesome and quality almonds through leadership in strategic market development, innovative research, and accelerated adoption of industry best practices on behalf of the more than 7,600 almond farmers and processors in California, most of whom are multi-generational family operations.

American Hardwood Export Council

The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) offers a global program to secure a future for American hardwoods by demonstrating the performance and aesthetic potential of these sustainable materials, while providing valuable creative inspiration and technical assistance. AHEC aims to keep track of international market trends and export opportunities whilst also personally educating potential foreign buyers about U.S. hardwood products.

American Pecan Council

Founded in 2016, The American Pecan Council (APC) is a group of passionate growers and shellers whose life work is dedicated to growing, harvesting and processing America’s only major native tree nut, American Pecans. The American Pecan Council showcase the many benefits, uses and remarkable history of America’s native tree nut. 

American Peanut Council

The American Peanut Council (APC) is the trade association which represents all segments of the peanut industry. Members include peanut growers, peanut shellers, brokers, peanut product manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services to the industry. Headquartered in the metropolitan Washington, DC area, the APC monitors developments in the domestic and international markets and responds with a diverse array of domestic and international marketing, trade servicing, food safety, research and issues management programmes. The APC maintains close working relationships with government agencies, research institutions and related peanut and agricultural trade associations.

American Softwoods

American Softwoods is a trade organization working to promote strategic export market development for American-made softwood products. They represent U.S. softwood grading agencies, industry trade associations, state export promotional agencies, and others with a stake in global trade for softwood lumber and value-added building materials.

American Pistachio Growers

Representing over 800 pistachio grower members in California, Arizona, and New Mexico, the American Pistachio Growers (APG) is a non-profit trade association aiming to increase global awareness of nutritious, American-grown pistachios. Responsible and sustainable pistachio growing is valued and ensured by American Pistachio Growers.

American Sheep Industry Association

The American Sheep Industry Association (ASI), along with its member farmers and ranchers, promote and encourage the training of proper sheep handling and shearing. ASI provides its members with the Sheep Care Guide, an educational document for proper care, handling and management of sheep as an industry standard for sheep care. ASI also sponsors training for sheep shearers and provides educational material on proper shearing techniques.

American Sweet Potato Marketing Institute

The American Sweet Potato Marketing Institute (ASPMI) is a non-profit organization that promotes the sweet potato industry by researching the science of sweet potato horticultural practices, processes and technologies to ensure the best quality produce for its members and consumers across the globe.

Blue Diamond Growers

As the world’s largest almond handler, we serve customers in more than 80 countries. Blue Diamond is pro-active to opening new markets, forging new relationships and developing new products to stimulate demand. This has made the Blue Diamond brand recognized for innovation, quality and consistency the world over.

Brewers Association

The Brewers Association represents over 5,500 U.S. brewery members and 46,000 members of the American Homebrewers Association. The association is an organization of brewers, for brewers, by brewers. It promotes and protects American craft brewers, their beers, and the community of brewing enthusiasts.

California Agriculture Export Council

The California Department of Food and Agriculture, in collaboration with a variety of federal and state government agencies, private and non-profit trade promotion organizations, has developed an array of activities designed to assist California small businesses with export sales and international market expansion.

California Olive Commission

The Olive Oil Commission of California is a government entity of the State of California. The OOCC was established and is funded by California olive oil farmers. California olive oil handlers who produce 5,000 gallons or more are required by law to participate in the OOCC’s mandatory government sampling and testing program. Producers with less than 5,000 gallons may voluntarily participate in the OOCC’s government sampling program.

California Prune Board

The California Prune Board was created in 1952 and represents 800 prune growers and 28 prune, juice, and ingredient handlers. It aims to amplify the premium positioning and top-of-mind awareness of California Prunes. This includes both U.S. and international programs that encompass advertising, sales promotion, research, trade policy, public relations and education.

California Table Grape Commission

California’s table grape growers are committed to giving you the best tasting, highest quality grapes in the world, so the highest standards of production are applied to every vine grown. Grapes from California are cultivated, picked, packed, and transported with the greatest care to ensure the berries you enjoy arrive in just-picked condition: plump, juicy, and perfect.

California Walnut Commission

The California Walnut Commission (CWC), established in 1987, represents the California walnut industry made up of over 4,800 growers and close to 100 handlers. The CWC is mainly involved in health research and export market development activities. The Commission conducts generic marketing programs, domestically and abroad, cooperates closely with business representatives and supports scientific health-related research on walnuts.

California Wine Institute

The California Wine Institute is a trade organization of more than 1000 California wineries. The International Department, based in San Francisco, manages the “Export Program”. Its objective is to increase knowledge of, interest in and exports of California wines internationally. We do so by conducting trade tastings and educational seminars, participating in trade shows, conducting retail and restaurant promotions, consumer events, public relations program, etc. California wines are wellknown for their high quality and are produced using sustainable winegrowing practices which protect our soil, air and water – elements that breathe life, and ultimately flavor, into our grapes and wines.

Cherry Marketing Institute

The Cherry Industry Administrative Board markets tart cherry growers, processors, and marketers across the country that offer a variety of product forms. The health benefits research division of the Cherry Marketing Institute supports biomedical research related to the potential health benefits of Montmorency tart cherry consumption.

Cotton Council International

Cotton Council International (CCI), the export promotion arm of the National Cotton Council of America (NCC), is a non-profit trade association that promotes U.S. cotton fiber and manufactured cotton products around the globe with the COTTON USA trademark. CCI works with spinning mills, fabric and garment manufacturers, brands, retailers, textile associations, governments and the USDA to facilitate the use of U.S. cotton.

Distilled Spirits Council of the United States

The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) is the leading voice and advocate for distilled spirits in the United States: DISCUS’ Cheers! Spirits from the U.S.A. campaign, supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Market Access Program (MAP) & Agricultural Trade Promotion (ATP) program, aims to educate the hospitality industry, adult consumers and media in key spirits export markets on the taste, heritage, and style of American distilled spirits.

Florida Department of Citrus

The Florida Department of Citrus is an executive agency of the Florida government charged with the marketing, research and regulation of the Florida Citrus industry. Its activities are funded by a tax paid by growers on each box of citrus that moves through commercial channels as well as state and federal support. In the European market, FDOC primarily focuses on Florida Grapefruit, which is known for its sweet taste and thin peel. The Florida Grapefruit season runs from December through May with peak season January through March.

Food Export USA Northeast & Midwest

Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast offer a variety of programs and services to help grow exports of value-added food and agricultural products. It is composed of 13 midwestern and 10 north-eastern state agricultural promotion agencies that provide U.S. companies with the programs and services needed to export and sell their products internationally.

Leather and Hide Council of America

The merger in 2020 of the United States Hide Skin and Leather Association and the Leather Industries of America brought together the two main organisations representing our industry in the U.S. Based in Washington DC, the LHCA now represents more than 75 businesses employing more than 5,000 people nationwide.

Mohair Council of America

The Mohair Council of America is dedicated to Promotion and Research, to increase Profitability and Perpetuate the Sustainable Production and uses of Angora goats and their Diamond Fiber, Mohair.

National Confectioners Association

The National Confectioners Association is the trade organization that promotes the unique role of chocolate, candy, gum and mints in a happy, balanced lifestyle and the companies that make these special treats. Through advocacy and regulatory guidance, communications, industry insights, and retail and supply chain engagement, NCA helps create an environment that enables candy makers to thrive.

National Industrial Hemp Council

The National Industrial Hemp Council provides high quality networking and resources for its members, from the farm to consumer. Our leadership is composed of leading international, federal, state, private industry, and government professionals throughout the sector. Our goals are to further market development, assist members in entering the industry, and educate the consumer on industrial hemp and its applications. Educating consumers is of paramount importance for NIHC. 

New York Wine & Grape Foundation

The mission of the New York Wine & Grape Foundation is to promote the world-class image of New York grapes and wines from our diverse regions. The Foundation works to responsibly benefit farmers, producers, and consumers through innovative marketing, research, communication, and advocacy.

North Carolina State University

NC State University began as a land-grant institution grounded in agriculture and engineering. NC State is a powerhouse in science, technology, engineering and math. We lead in agriculture, education, textiles, business and natural resources. We’re at the forefront of teaching and research in design, the humanities and the social sciences. And we’re home to one of the planet’s best colleges of veterinary medicine. Our more than 36,000 undergraduate and graduate students learn by doing. They pursue research and start new companies. They forge connections with top employers and serve local and global communities. And they enjoy an outstanding return on investment.

Northwest Cherries

Northwest Cherries has its origins in the Washington State Fruit Commission, which was founded in 1947 as a non-profit organization funded by grower assessments for the purpose of promotion, market development, research, and education for soft fruits. While the organization has changed over the years, Northwest Cherries currently represents sweet cherry growers from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Utah.

Ocean Spray Cranberries

The Ocean Spray story starts in 1930 when three passionate, independent cranberry growers found the key to expanding the superfruit’s success: a single cranberry-growing family! By coming together in one cooperative, Marcus Urann, John Makepeace and Elizabeth Lee worked together to create deliciously innovative products with the fruit they loved. The best part? They continued to grow their cranberry family along the way, which now includes over 700 grower families across North and South America.

Oregon Wine Board

The Oregon Wine Board is a semi-independent state agency established in Oregon statute. The Oregon Wine Board manages marketing, research and education initiatives that support and advance Oregon’s state-wide wine and wine grape industry. The industry contributes more than $5.61 billion in economic activity each year, including more than 29,738 wine-related jobs and more than $1 billion in wages.

Organic Trade Association

As the membership-based business association for organic agriculture and products in North America, the Organic Trade Association is the leading voice for the organic trade in the United States, representing over 9,500 organic businesses across 50 states.

Raisin Administrative Council

The Raisin Administrative Committee is a federal marketing order, led by 47 growers, packers and a public member. The Committee offers statistics, data, and reports of industry policies and actively and directly markets into 19 foreign nations.

U.S. Apple Export Council

The U.S. Apple Export Council represents and promotes the apple growers and shippers of California, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia in export markets around the world. USAEC works to identify new markets and expand existing markets for its growers through retail and wholesale promotions.

U.S. Meat Export Federation

The Mission of the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) is to increase the value and profitability of the U.S. beef, pork and lamb industries by enhancing demand for their products in export markets through a dynamic partnership of all stakeholders. USMEF provides trade support by facilitating contact between U.S. exporters and targeted buyers in export markets. It aims to establish a positive image for U.S. beef, pork and lamb with consumers in targeted export markets and therefore collaborates with industry partners to secure meaningful, sustained access to new and existing export markets using all available means.

USA Rice Federation

USA Rice Federation (USA Rice) is the global advocate for all segments of the U.S. rice industry. Its mission is to ensure the health and vitality of a unified U.S. rice industry by advocating on behalf of farmers, millers, merchants, and allied businesses. USA Rice develops growth opportunities and helps connect U.S. rice suppliers with foreign buyers around the Globe. It also promotes U.S. origin rice on several international markets, working together with local importers and stakeholders.

U.S. Sustainability Alliance

We are a diverse range of U.S. organizations linked by our individual accomplishments in growing, harvesting and producing across U.S. agriculture, forestry and fisheries through our long history of conservation stewardship. Sustainability is not measured by an arbitrary threshold; it requires a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.

U.S. Wheat Associates

U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) is the export market development organization for the U.S. wheat industry. USW promotes the reliability, quality and value of all six U.S. wheat classes to wheat buyers, millers, bakers, food processors and government officials in more than 100 countries around the world.

Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Established in 1877, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) promotes the economic growth and development of Virginia agriculture, provides consumer protection and encourages environmental stewardship. The agency is headquartered in Richmond and has several field offices, four regional diagnostic animal health laboratories and a global network of representatives promoting Virginia products internationally.

Washington Apple Commission

The Washington Apple Commission is a quasi-public body in the United States state of Washington, created by the Revised Code of Washington, which is statutorily authorized to speak on behalf of the Washington state government with regard to apples and apple-related issues.

Washington State Wine Commission

On behalf of the state of Washington and its wineries and growers, the mission of the Washington State Wine Commission is to raise awareness and demand for Washington State wine through marketing and education, while supporting viticulture and ecology research to drive industry growth.

Welchs Food Inc.

Welch’s is a co-op owned by farming families across the country who bring their best to every harvest. From their farms to your table, they go the extra mile to deliver a difference you can taste. We crush the very best out of fruit, so every Welch’s product can help you crush every breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and break time – and all the times in between.

Western US Agriculture and Trade Association

The Western United States Agriculture and Trade Association (WUSATA) helps agribusinesses meet the rising global demand for U.S. exports of high-quality food and agricultural products. WUSATA® delivers programs and services that allow western U.S. agribusinesses to learn, connect, and compete in the export market.