Environmental Stewardship: Building a Legacy for Future Generations

California walnut growers and processors have spent more than a century caring for the land and sharing a commitment to consumer health. Like all agricultural products, the walnut requires healthy soil, sunlight, and water. In return, the world benefits from a nutrient-dense food that nurtures human health.

We believe that maintaining our sustainable growth standards means we must continually develop new technologies and strategies to improve our products and protect the land that nourishes our trees. We have great respect for the people and families that make up our industry, and the people and families that cherish walnuts as a nutritious and delicious addition to their diet. This respect compels us to always consider new alternatives, enhance our processes, and keep our industry strong for generations to come. Environmental stewardship is a key pillar of our sustainability program.

We take a holistic approach to orchard management. We support research that studies all aspects of the orchard including the use of natural predators for pest control, water quality and conservation, soil health, energy use, and air quality. For example, growers are learning how to incorporate Integrated Pest Management and use natural processes to protect orchards against crop pests and diseases. Our production research also seeks to develop disease-resistant varieties and rootstocks to further reduce the use of pesticides, with the added benefit of improved air quality. Through our research partnerships with UC Cooperative Extension Farm Advisors, we are constantly looking at ways to make walnut production even more sustainable.

Environmental stewardship goes hand in hand with ensuring the economic health of the farm. Growers have a vested interest in efficient use of precious resources and ensuring the long-term health of their orchards. For generations, innovative farmers have nourished the California soil to bring forth a bounty of walnuts. Many of the walnut growers are third-, fourth-, or even fifth-generation family farms. Our growers take pride in being good stewards of the land, so they can pass this legacy to the future generations.

Above all, our growers and their families live in the communities they farm in. One of the best ways to serve our communities is to ensure new generations of farmers continue the sustainability legacy of our industry.